Smart ID Cat Collar - Pure Midnight Blue

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You are looking for a unique cat collar? Max & Molly collars are not just cool but also super safe and comfortable!
Your cat will enjoy the unique sandwich construction. A decorative layer of extra strong nylon on top, soft padding inside, and a modern easy drying anti-allergic neoprene material on the bottom to comfort your cat’s neck.
All Max & Molly cat collars have a break away buckle to prevent strangling. It opens when your cat runs around the house or jumps on a tree and gets caught by something.
The warning bell might safe some birds life in case your cat is too hungry or you might find him easier when he is hiding. A little exta ring allows you to hang your favorite ID-tag in case he gets lots.
Attention: If you are looking for a cat leash and harness, you can choose any of our matching dog harnesses and leashes in XS size!
Once you tried - you won’t look further!

Smart ID Tag on every collar.

Unique Lost Pet Protection Program

Have you ever lost your pet..even for 5 minutes? We believe that every collar should have an ID tag that you can register online and everyone can have access to all the necessary information to bring it back safely to the owner. Join the Max & Molly exclusive SMART ID TAG program. All our collars have a SMART ID TAG.

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