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Smart & unique - the Max & Molly Cat collars

The Cat Collars of Max & Molly Urban Pets are a faithful companion in every situation. Not only quality and robustness are important to us, but also functionality and design. Whether your cat likes it colorful, cute or plain, at Max & Molly you will find the perfectly matching collar. The revolutionary Smart ID Tag which is attached to every cat collar, ensures that your beloved friend won’t get lost. Design and technology are working well with each other at Max & Molly Urban Pets.

Smart ID - Lost Pet Protection Program

The most important thing for every cat owner is the safety of her or his cute friend. Using the Smart ID Tag that is attached to every cat collar of Max & Molly, you are part of a huge community. A revolutionary app and tracking function gives you the opportunity always to see where your cat is. Be part of the unique online community:

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