Everything under control using the Max & Molly Dog Leashes

Our Dog Leashes are all-rounder in every way. Not only do they look cool, but are also secure and comfortable. The mix of polyester and neoprene gives your dog a superb wearing comfort and at the time time a quick drying, in case he or she likes to play with water. Have a look at all the different designs and colors and certainly you will find the dog leash that fits to your faithful companion.

Short Leashes and Multi Function Leashes

Dog leashes don’t necessarily have to be expensive in order to be secure. Max & Molly Dog Leashes once more proof that functionality and design work together. Under many designs like Comic, Donut, Watermelon and Ruler you can choose of four different sizes. All metal parts are beautifully brushed and the hook is just so easy to snap on any ring without hurting fingers or nails.

If you decide for a Multi Function Leash you and your dog have seven convenient ways of using it. For example you can transform it into a short, medium long or long leash and wear it as a waist or shoulder lead.

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