Max & Molly Snuggles - Frenzy the Shark

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Max & Molly Snuggles - Frenzy the Shark

Meet Woody, Mikey, Bob, Otto, Frenzy, Paco and Bubba who all want to find a new furry friend to play with and snuggle. 

Our toys combine all of a dog’s favorite features in a toy: a rope, a squeaky sound, fun design and a very soft, padded backside which can easily be used for resting.
Start collecting our Snuggles today and meet them in person.

  • Rope chewing helps preventing and removing plaque and tartar building up
  • Toys provide biting and chewing outlet 
  • Soft, padded backside
  • Squeaky sound
  • Fun design
  • Hand painted, durable latex 

About Frenzy the Shark
Frenzy the shark is one of the friendliest sharks you will ever meet. He is from Down Under and likes to spend time with his mates. Unfortunately, he is not a very good swimmer, which is why his friends gave him a lifesaver. Now he is ready to explore the world.


15 cm x 14.5 cm x 6.5 cm (HxWxD)
114 grams


Front: 100 % Latex
Padded Back & Filling: 100 % Polyester
Rope: 30 % Cotton, 70 % Polyester