Multi Function Leashes

Cool and flexible - the Multi Function Leashes

If you are looking for a stylish leash that can also be used flexibly, we highly recommend our multifunctional leashes. Wherever you are traveling with your favorite four-legged friend, you always have the right line variant with you. Overall, the Multi Function Leash can be used in 7 different ways.


Stylish color combinations & seven different functions

The multifunctional leashes by Max & Molly Urban Pets are available in over 15 different patterns and colors. If your dog and you are rather plain guys, the Matrix design might be right for you. If you like it freaking out, try the Comic design. To be prepared for any situation, the Multi Function Leashes can be used in many variants. For example, you can choose between Short Leash (1 meter), Medium Leash (1.30 meters) and Long Leash (1.60 meters). In addition, the leash can be worn on the hip or shoulder.


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