Multi-Function Leash - Ducklings

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You are looking for a unique dog leash and highest flexibility? We love this multifunctional leash as it adapts to any situation.
No matter you walk your dog in the city or in the country side, with good or bad weather, short or long distance, you have 7 convenient ways to use it.
1. as short lead, 1,00 m.
2. as medium long lead, 1,30 m.
3. as long lead, 1,60 m
4. as waist lead
5. as shoulder lead
6. as double lead
7. as temporary tie

Max & Molly leashes are not just cool but also super safe and comfortable!
Both you and your dog will enjoy the unique sandwich construction. A thick layer of extra strong nylon on top, soft padding inside for better grip, and a modern easy drying anti-allergic neoprene material on the bottom. It feels comfortable and soft, no matter how often you wrap it around your hand.
Our safety testing ensures, that your pooch won’t go loose on this one. All metal parts are beautifully brushed and the hook is just so easy to snap on any ring without hurting fingers or nails.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L. Please view our size chart for detailed information.
Material: Polyester, neoprene
Care instructions: Gentle machine wash. No tumble drying.

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Vanessa Kraft

Multi-Function Leash - Ducklings

1. How many functions are available? 

There are 7 possible ways to use this leash: 

1 .short leash: 1 meter 
2. medium leash: 1.30 m 
3. long leash: 1:60 m 

4. hip leash 

5. shoulder leash 

6. double leash 

7. to tie


2. Do all functions work with every dog?

In certain cases when you are particularly tall and your dog is particularly small, the leash might be too short for the shoulder function. 


3. How many D-rings are there? 

The Multifunctional leash has 3 D-rings to adjust the length and fix accessories. 


4. Is it possible to combine a leash in size "L" with a collar/harness in "XS"/"S"? 

No, we do not recommend that because all carabiners and rings are made to perfectly match each other when it comes to things like weight and tear-resistance. 


5. Do all multifunction leash sizes have the same length?
Yes, all multifunctional leashes are 200 cm long. 


6. How do I wash the leash? 

30 °C machine wash. Do not tumble dry. 

SizesXS, S, M, L  please check out our size chart for detailed information.
Materialpolyester, neoprene,  brushed zink alloy metal
Care instructionsGentle machine wash. No tumble drying.
(in grams)
XS = 80 g / S = 142 g / M = 147 g / L = 237 g