Max & Molly Snuggles - Paco el Diablo

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Max & Molly Snuggles - Paco el Diablo

Meet Woody, Mikey, Bob, Otto, Frenzy, Paco and Bubba who all want to find a new furry friend to play with and snuggle. 

Our toys combine all of a dog’s favorite features in a toy: a rope, a squeaky sound, fun design and a very soft, padded backside which can easily be used for resting.
Start collecting our Snuggles today and meet them in person.

  • Rope chewing helps preventing and removing plaque and tartar building up
  • Toys provide biting and chewing outlet 
  • Soft, padded backside
  • Squeaky sound
  • Fun design
  • Hand painted, durable latex 

About Paco el Diablo
Paco El Diablo is originally from Mexico but also lived in Spain and South America. To him it
doesn´t really matter where he is, as long as there are hot dogs around. If he is hungry and no hot dogs are in reach, he turns into a little devil. Once in your dog’s heart, he will be a true lifetime friend.


13 cm x 13 cm x 6.5 cm (HxWxD)
98 grams


Front: 100 % Latex
Padded Back & Filling: 100 % Polyester
Rope: 30 % Cotton, 70 % Polyester